What’s the name of your watershed, and where do its streams flow? How does it fit into the larger River Basin? Does your local creek have a healthy “buffer zone”?

Don’t know? Well, don’t worry! That’s what our Geocache adventure is all about! Each “Geocache” is a clear container hidden in our municipal and county parks here in Alamance. Similar to traditional geocaching, we will use GPS coordinates to get you close to the cache. But you don’t need an account on to participate; we will post coordinates and clues here on this page, as well as submitting them to

There will be caches in the following communities: Burlington, Elon, Graham, Gibsonville, Green Level, Haw River, Mebane, and in several Alamance County parks!

See the information about pre-registration below!

Inside each cache you’ll find neat information about the creek running through the park, where that water goes, and what you can do to reduce pollution in the creek. This is great information for school reports, neighborhood associations, educators, family discussions, Scout groups, etc.! Each cache includes giveaway items like collectible coasters and charms to encourage you to find other sites!

You can pre-register to get an EARLY notification of cache locations! This ensures that you’ll have your pick of the coolest prizes! Just email with “ACW Geocache” in the Subject and we’ll send you the GPS locations at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 30. Everyone else will see the cache locations at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 1.


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