What is Creek Week?

Watershed_ An area of land draining to a water source, including rivers, lakes, and streams. (4)

Creek Week is all about bringing residents together to better understand and appreciate their local watersheds! You might be wondering, what is a watershed?

A watershed can easily be defined as an area of land that drains to a specific source, that source being any type of water body (i.e. a stream, a river, a lake, or an ocean).

Therefore, we all live in a watershed, and we need to understand how our decisions and actions can have an impact on our local waters!

'We all live in a watershed!' (3)

This will be the Third year Alamance county has held its own Creek Week! Creek weeks have been held successfully in neighboring counties such as Forsyth, Guilford and Durham, and more counties are piloting them in their area each year. There will be plenty of opportunities for participants to get involved in their watershed through a variety of activities held all week long. Whether you want to do something to help, to learn something new, or just have some fun, Alamance Creek Week will have something for you!

Check back with our site, and be sure to follow our social media to stay up to date with our planned Creek Week festivities! You can see all the events we have going on on our Events page!

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