Dragonfly Pond Teacher Check-Out Boxes

Teachers can get involved by incorporating a Creek Week program into their curriculum that week.

We will be dropping off Teacher Check-Out Boxes with the materials for Aquatic WILD’s “Dragonfly Pond” activity, which is geared towards 8th Grade and addresses human land-use activities around wetland habitats. Students are divided into teams representing various interest groups to discuss and evaluate lifestyle changes to minimize damaging effects on wetlands. We will provide a short training on how to use the Dragonfly Pond activity so that teachers will feel comfortable using it in their classroom.  The teacher training for this activity will be held February 16th, which is a teacher workday.

Teachers can decide which day works best for them to do the activity, and Alamance Creek Week staff will deliver the Check-Out Box for that day. To check out the materials for this activity, please contact Lauren Huffstetler, Alamance Creek Week Coordinator, at lhuffstetler@ptrc.org. Please include your school name and the number of students that will be participating in the activity. If multiple teachers at one school would like to do the activity in their classroom, please coordinate specific times with your fellow teachers, so everyone will have an opportunity to use the materials.

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