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To make Creek Week a success, there are lots of players involved--including you! We need your help to make the first annual Alamance Creek Week a hit.

Would you like to organize an event in your area? All water-related events are welcomed. Some event examples include but are not limited to trivia night, storm drain marking, Segway/road bike/mountain bike tours, coffee shop book discussion, drone photography, kid’s movie night, stream clean-ups, litter removals from a forested area or school campus, workshops, or facilitating an activity about water. This is just a short list, but the ideas are unlimited! Submit an event proposal by March 2nd to be included on our list of events.

Submit a 2020 Event Proposal Here




Another very important component in making Creek Week happen is the help of our sponsors.

Sponsors provide money, volunteers, and in-kind goods and services to cover costs to publicize the event, create event t-shirts, and any other materials or services that may be needed.

Please consider giving to Alamance Creek Week as we hope to create a lasting impact in our community.

Register as a 2020 Sponsor Here

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