“In the Green” – Drone Video Competition and Paddling

Saturday, March 17
9AM – 2:30PM

Little Alamance Creek

Burlington City Park
1388 Main Street
Burlington, NC 27215
(100 yards from intersection of S. Church St. and Overbrook Rd., beside Little Alamance Creek)

Image: REX Features VIA AP Images

“In the Green” is a planned Drone Video Transect along Little Alamance Creek to produce continuous, linear video-data of waterways, in a Google Street-view-like format. This event has both a competition and paddling aspect to it! It is open to the public and welcomes all ages. Registration is required if you’d like to borrow a boat, and it is encouraged that participants arrive slightly earlier than 9AM to sign-in.

For the competition portion, Drone owners are invited to pilot along Little Alamance Creek, inside the park, to compete to win the prize for best video of the creek riparian buffer. If you would like to take part in the paddling portion, you must pre-register with Mike Holland (email: MH@BioAllies.com, phone: 336-684-1015) to have access to a free-to-use boat, float vest, helmet, and paddle. Owners of their own boats are also encouraged to come! Those interested in paddling are invited to paddle both upstream and downstream, while others are using their drones to capture footage of Little Alamance Creek. Please note: you must complete a 20 minute boating safety test, even if you do plan on bringing your own boat. Remember, safety is a priority!

The final, edited product, “In the Green”, will be given to the Burlington, NC Water Resources department to provide them a ground-truthed tool for identifying illicit discharges and stormwater challenges to the city of Burlington.

There are limited spots available for free-to-use boats, so if interested please pre-register with Mike Holland!
Email: MH@BioAllies.com
Phone: 336-684-1015



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